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3290_UCL_Experiencing Fatigue ECG Lines-

We are interested in hearing from anyone with a story to share.

You might be a stroke survivor, or have a different medical condition such as MS, post-viral fatigue or Parkinson's.  You might care for someone who experiences fatigue and have your own story. 
We would love to hear from you. 

If fatigue was a colour, what would it be? 

If fatigue was a sound, what would it be? 

If fatigue was an animal, what animal would it be? 

Please email us by clicking on the button below.  

We accept writing or you might like to attach a photograph or drawing. 


We might get in touch with you to ask if you would be happy for your submission to be shared anonymously on this site. 

3290_UCL_Experiencing Fatigue ECG Lines-

Do you experience fatigue?

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