'Together we have created a new  language with which to explore the invisible reality of living with fatigue.'

'Thank you all for giving us as fatigue sufferers the chance to talk, share and explore.'

 'I am thrilled that our first attempt at using arts to deepen our understanding of fatigue is proving quite successful.'

Dr Anna Kuppuswamy

Stroke Survivor and Participant

Sofie Layton, Artist



A collaborative arts and research project involving stroke survivors, UCL Institute of Neurology and artist Sofie Layton.

These have informed art works  and and online showcase

  'Ensnared: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue'.


Our aim is to make visible the invisible condition of post-stroke fatigue with the hope of informing scientific research and deepening everyone's understanding of the physical and emotional challenges involved in people's everyday lives.


Project Stories


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